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Interactive Inflatables / Games

Our Interactive Inflatable product line is among the best, and safest, in the industry. We take care of everything, from set-up to take down. You take care of your party, we'll take care of the fun.

Your party go-ers will be entertained whether they are participating or not! Fun for all ages.

Throw in some fun festival foods with our Snow Cone Maker, Popcorn Machine, Cotton Candy Machine and/or Hot Dog Roller and you have a phenominal carnival right in your own backyard!

We also have the tents, tables and chairs to complete your party preparations.

jacob's ladder inflatable

inflatables jump house pittsburgh

interactive inflatables

Ninja Warrior Meltdown Challenge

Dimensions 30Lx30wx10h 

Berringer’s party rentals is excited to bring you one of the most popular event attractions to our inventory. Extreme phone for up to eight players at a time making it ideal for large events, schools, church carnivals, company picnics and more.

Ninja Warrior Meltdown Challenge is our eight player action game, which challenges your stamina, agility and reactions.

Not one but two spinning boom arms try to knock you off of your podium. You have to duck underneath or jump over the foam booms. Who will be the last one standing?

This interactive game is housed in a 30' x 30' octagon inflatable, with eight podiums for your participants. The bright green contrast beautifully with the black, gray and yellow for a very toxic meltdown theme

With the rental of the Ninja Warrior Meltdown Challenge Interactive Game we will provide an attendant who will be in control: there is a variable speed control on the console that increases or decreases the speed of the automatic program, making it as easy or difficult as you wish.

4 Hour Rental - $1895.00

jacob's ladder inflatable

Wrecking Ball Extreme


Dimensions 27Lx25wx17h 

Beringer's Party Rentals Wrecking Ball Extreme is designed to make you feel like you are part of the demolition teamed tasked with knocking down a house. This awesome design and color theme all play an integral role in giving you the ultimate feeling of strngth and accomplishment as you blast your opponent off the pedestals.

interactive inflatables

Daily Rental - $895.00

interactive inflatables

Grand Slammer

Dimensions 30Lx30wx10h 

Make the most of the baseball season with our Sweeper Game Grand Slammer

Daily Rental - $2995.00

interactive inflatables

Deluxe Human Bowling

Dimensions 40Lx15wx11h , 6 5' Foam Bowling Pins

Both adults and kids will get a major kick out of this unique spin on bowling. Climb inside the bowling ball, run down the alley and see how many pins you can knock down! We dare you to keep going until you get a stike.

Daily Rental - $995.00 / 4hrs.

interactive inflatables

QB Blitz

Dimensions 16Lx14wx16h 

The worlds first true interactive football game! This is the next logical progression for the crossover lane action games series. This game features two ways to play. One way is to utilize the crossover system and play pass attack where two players rush to get rid of all of their footballs before the others. The second way is to remove the crossover ball return system and play the two minute drill, where one player tries to score as many touchdowns as possible in two minutes by driving the field starting at their 40 yard line. 10 yards equal a first down and 60 yards equals a touchdown. Fail to complete either in four downs and you are forced to punt the ball away and your game is over.

Daily Rental - $395.00

interactive inflatables

First & Goal

Dimensions 38Lx10wx8h 

Noone has ever played football or basketball like this! A fun and entertaining way to get some exercise and healthy competiton going. 2 players stand atop a "football field" and are attached to 2 ends of a bungee cord. The object of the game is to score footballs or basketballs in the "goal" before their opponents. In order to get close to the goal the player has to stretch the bungee cord while their opponents tries to do the same putting both players on the offense and defense at the same time.

Daily Rental - $550.00

interactive inflatables

Inflatable Axe Throw Game

Dimensions 21.6Lx22wx10.8h 

Axe throwing has become hugely popular and now it's the hottest new inflatable game. Beringer's Party Rentals is excited to offer this dual person inflatable axe throwing game that uses axes made of durable foam making them both safe and realistic for all ages.

4 Hour Rental - $795.00

interactive inflatables

Play-A-Round Mini Golf

Play-A-Round golf takes mini golf to the next level. This unit features 9 holes of varying designs and levels of difficulty. Hole #9 also has a motorized inflatable Windmill!!

Daily Rental Rates

9 Holes - $1395
6 Holes - $1095
3 Holes - $995

interactive inflatables

Pittsburgh Toxic Human Foosball

Dimensions 45Lx20wx7h 

Best game ever just came outdoors!  Great for team building fun. Get 10 of the guys and gals together and create your own life sized foosball game.

Daily Rental - $895.00

interactive inflatables

Pittsburgh Deluxe T Ball

Dimensions 19Lx11wx9h

Little leaguers and big leaguers can now test their batting skills by hitting the levitating ball through the holes in the outfield. Hours of countless fun and amusement for all.

Daily Rental = $225.00

interactive inflatables

Pittsburgh Basketball Game

Dimensions 12Lx10wx10h

Compete head to head or test your own skills with this Pittsburgh themed inflatable hoop. Kids of all ages will love the two built in basketball hoops, a net to catch the balls as they roll down and the sneaker shape to make it fun.

Daily Rental = $195.00

interactive inflatables - soccer dart

Soccer Dart Dimensions


Even the best strikers will enjoy the challenge of testing their skill by kicking a ball into this huge velcro dart board. Kids as well as adults will have an amazing time battling to get the highest score or just playing your favorite dart board game.

Daily Rental = $350.00

joust inflatable

Pedestal Joust

The Pedestal Joust inflatable game offers plenty of straight-up jousting, our just jumping and carousing at your next event. Secure safety walls and added protection that only comes with an inflatable game. Players can challenge each other as they each climb up onto their own pedestal, using oversized inflatable joust poles to try and knock one another to the game floor. With an eye-catching red, blue, and yellow color scheme, this inflatable jousting game will attract attention and keep guests lined up to get their shot at pretending to be an iron-clad jousting knight.

Each Pedestal Joust comes complete with headgear and a pair of jousting poles, making the Pedestal Joust inflatable game ready to start up a jousting tournament in minutes! This inflatable jousting game is a great addition to any Party Rental or outdoor event! Our exclusive line of games are made safe and secure with lite n strongâ„¢, fire-resistant vinyl making it safer, portable and more durable.

8 Hour Rental $550.00

inflatable jacob's ladder

Jacob's Ladder

This is a race to test your own skill! Try to make it to the top without falling! Of course, if you do fall, there is a nice soft inflatable floor to catch you. Universal in appeal, this interactive has a large potential for fund-raising events and great for prize give-a-ways! It is also very challenging and physical, a great test of balance and coordination for all ages and a lot of fun!

8 Hour Rental $550.00

inflatable jacob's ladder

Human Sticky Wall

This amazing inflatable game as seen on the tonight show is a great addition for your next special event, church function, birthday party or corporate event.

This inflatable game is as much fun to watch as it is to participate! Participants put on a colorful Velcro suit, with the single goal of getting as high as they can on the wall and sticking to it! Of course, there are many different styles of jumping as there are participants, and its always hilarious watching people try to figure out how to get enough air to reach higher than there friends! A runway and super spring pad provides speed and lift for young and old alike on this huge, high color crowd pleasing item. 
specs: 21'x11'x13.

Cost $450.00 day rental 
inflatable jacob's ladder

Money Machine/Slot Machine

Patrons enter this realistic looking slot machine and try to catch money, coupons or other promotional materials that crazily swirl about the inner chamber. This unit is Great for any Grand Openings.

Dimensions 10'Hx7wx5L

Cost $350.00 day rental 


All Combos include professional setup and inspection. See each item for rental pricing.

Contact us for special pricing for large parties and weekly rentals.

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A+ Rating with BBBPennsylvania Dept. of Agriculture

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We have everything for the perfect kid's party
From birthday parties to grand weddings, Beringer's can provide the equipment you need to make it a party no one will forget!
We have everything for the perfect party
From birthday parties to grand weddings, Beringer's can provide the equipment you need to make it a party no one will forget!